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So When is your baby due? Time To Use NHS Due Date Calculator Now!

Title of The Calculator :

Last Menstrual Period :

Probable date of conception :

( about two weeks after last menstrual period )

Foetal Age Today :

Weeks Days

Best date range for NT scan :

( 12 wks 3 days to 13 wks 3 days )

19 Weeks / Morphology Scan Date :

Estimated Due Date (40 Weeks) :

On , you will be weeks days pregnant.

Previous Ultrasound Date and Foetal Age On That Day :

Weeks Days

What is the NHS Pregnancy Calculator?

The NHS Pregnancy Calculator allows you to input information about your pregnancy and finds out how far along you are. It is a simple & easy way to calculate your due date. It’s a useful tool for pregnant or trying to become pregnant. It can help you plan for your pregnancy and ensure that you are on track with your healthcare provider.

Why it's important to use a NHS Due Date Calculator?

If you’re trying to get pregnant, you might wonder how to calculate your due date. NHS Due Date Calculator is a great tool to help you figure out when your baby is due. There are a few different ways to calculate your due date.

  • One way is to count from the first day of your last period. 
  • Another way is to use an ultrasound scan to date the pregnancy.
  • It uses the first day of your last period to calculate your due date. Remember that this is only an estimate – only about 5% of babies are born on their actual due date!
  • If you’re using the Pregnancy Calculator, you must know the first day of your last period and the average length of your menstrual cycle.
  • Enter this info into the NHS Pregnancy Calculator, and it’ll give you an estimated due date.
  • It’s important to remember that every pregnancy is different, and your baby may come earlier or later than the estimated due date.
NHS Pregnancy Calculator

Let's Check Some Pros of this Pregnancy Due Date Calculator!

If you are looking for an accurate pregnancy due date calculator NHS, this Pregnancy Calculator is the best. Here are some pros of this calculator:

  • This calculator is based on the most up-to-date medical evidence and guidance.
  • It considers your circumstances, such as your age, weight, and how many weeks pregnant you are.
  • You can access the calculator at any time – there is no need to make an appointment with your GP or midwife.
  • The results from this calculator are more accurate than those from other popular due date calculators, such as the one on BabyCenter.com.
  • The NHS pregnancy calculator is free to use.

The accuracy of this pregnancy calculator depends on several factors, including how early you take the test, your weight, and the level of hCG in your urine. The most accurate results are typically seen in early testing when hCG levels are highest. If you take the test later in your pregnancy or are overweight, the results may be less accurate.

If you’re trying to figure out when your baby is due, the NHS Pregnancy Calculator is the best tool for the job. It’s accurate, easy to use, and free, making it a great option for pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant. Give it a try and see for yourself how helpful it can be.

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